InCrease your Knowledge – crease rules for all players…goalies too

Over the past several years of officiating, there continues to be an emphasis on the crease area, and this often brings up questions based on the rules of the crease in lacrosse.

In the past few years, there have been several times where a player, coach, and of course the crowd, have been confused as to the boys/mens rules about the crease.

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Why do lacrosse goalies talk so much? The real purpose of all that chatter

Along with the role of saving the ball, the second most important part of playing the position of goalie is communication. And although many goalies understand that they should be talking, there is an often misunderstood aspect of all this talk that is overlooked.

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What to do with a goalie? A coaches guide to the position of lacrosse goalie

The most often asked question I get, whether I’m on the field, off the field, in stripes or wearing a helmet, is always “what do I do with my goalie during practice?”. It’s a good question, and as most coaches haven’t played goalie, they usually don’t know much about the position.

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Why should you care about the lacrosse refs and the rules?

Back in 2000, I ventured onto the lacrosse field in a way that I had never done before. I wasn’t carrying my lacrosse gear, my goalie stick or my coaches hat. I wasn’t carrying a goal or meeting with fellow friends to play, teach or spectate. This time, I was walking on the field as “the enemy”, at least in my deluded eyes of the time this is what I thought.

I was entering the field as an official, and honestly, it was weird.

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Lacrosse 101 – Overview and Rules

Men’s Lacrosse Positions
Goal: The goalie’s responsibility is to protect the goal and stop the opposing team from scoring. A good goalie also leads the defense by reading the situation and directing the defensemen to react. A good goalie should have excellent hand/eye coordination and a strong voice. Quickness, agility, confidence and the ability to concentrate are also essential. Each team has one goalie in the goal during play.

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So you want to be a Lacrosse Goalie? Part 1

Where do you start and how do you get started? These are good questions and many before you have asked the same questions. This is a preview for those not familiar with Lacrosse goalie, a list of what to expect and how to get started.

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